Some Regrets From a Retiree

Regrets have a really painful way of getting to you when you reach old age. Toward the end, you can’t help but look back at the life that’s been, and often it becomes a measure of what-might-have-beens.

Not going on an adventure

Atop the list of a retiree’s regrets is letting go of the chance to be on an exciting adventure. Be very mindful of the feeling you get when you read about an interesting place in a magazine and you silently wish you could be there someday. Today’s generation has many silent wishes in their hearts, because of interesting places they see online. In the later years, this might turn into a longing for a moment that might not come anymore.


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Not seeing friends more often

The reality of losing familiar people becomes more pronounced in old age. A retired individual hears of the passing of a good friend whom he has not seen in years, and instantly regrets not spending enough time with the person. Truly, for the senior, the world becomes a lonelier place when friends are gone. There are not many deep friendships in the life of a person. If people matter, they are worth spending more time with.

Not developing talents enough

Talents are what set people apart from each other. An elderly person realizes how much he could have become if only he had the courage to make mistakes in developing his talents. Talent is probably the most profound way of expressing oneself and making one’s life most meaningful.


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There’s still time for younger people to rethink how they want to live their lives with the energy they have.

Tracy Luttrell here. If you want to live life to the fullest, make sure you do enough to avoid having any regrets! In my old age, I spend a lot of quality time with my cousin and best friend Maybelle. For more snippets of my retired life, follow me on Twitter.


Traveling in retirement: A healthy idea

One of the biggest complaints heard among seniors is that they seem to have too much time and not much to do. Others may seem content with playing a game of chess or a round of poker. However, this may be bad for the health, as such activities lead to a sedentary lifestyle. The doctors prescribe travelling as a means to make the twilight years healthy for the soul, as it is for the body.

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To begin with, travelling is a good way to exercise. Of course exercise can be done in a number of ways, such as cleaning the house or joining a fitness group. But many seniors tend to get bored and feel the strain of such activities. Travelling to different places distracts the individual from the element of fatigue, because they are preoccupied with seeing new surroundings.

Taking off from this previous point, there is a special excitement brought about by exploration. Anybody, regardless of age, is always enthusiastic about going to a place that has yet to be discovered. Senior life is always a good chance to see the world and the other beautiful things in it, things which have been rather easy to overlook in one’s younger years.


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Going to new places also comes with a set of new experiences. Many people have found out that there are so many things they haven’t done yet, and travelling is the perfect opportunity to realize them. This could mean as simple as a short walk on the beach, but on an exotic island like the ones found in the tropics. It can be riding a helicopter or a cable car for the first time.

There are better things to do than just sit around in retirement. The world awaits.

Tracy Luttrell here. My idea of living life to the fullest is travelling to places I want to explore. If you see me, I’m usually with my cousin and best friend Maybelle. Connect with me on Twitter.