Traveling in retirement: A healthy idea

One of the biggest complaints heard among seniors is that they seem to have too much time and not much to do. Others may seem content with playing a game of chess or a round of poker. However, this may be bad for the health, as such activities lead to a sedentary lifestyle. The doctors prescribe travelling as a means to make the twilight years healthy for the soul, as it is for the body.

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To begin with, travelling is a good way to exercise. Of course exercise can be done in a number of ways, such as cleaning the house or joining a fitness group. But many seniors tend to get bored and feel the strain of such activities. Travelling to different places distracts the individual from the element of fatigue, because they are preoccupied with seeing new surroundings.

Taking off from this previous point, there is a special excitement brought about by exploration. Anybody, regardless of age, is always enthusiastic about going to a place that has yet to be discovered. Senior life is always a good chance to see the world and the other beautiful things in it, things which have been rather easy to overlook in one’s younger years.


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Going to new places also comes with a set of new experiences. Many people have found out that there are so many things they haven’t done yet, and travelling is the perfect opportunity to realize them. This could mean as simple as a short walk on the beach, but on an exotic island like the ones found in the tropics. It can be riding a helicopter or a cable car for the first time.

There are better things to do than just sit around in retirement. The world awaits.

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Life After Work: How To Achieve a Blissful Retirement

The key is to keep moving.” –Ben Whittaker, The Intern

The first years of retirement may be utterly fun for retirees. However, after traveling to multiple cities and countries, the retired life may get uneventful. What’s the recipe to have a continuously blissful retirement life? Here are some things to remember:


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Keep your kids at arms’ length

Never underestimate the effect of having the kids around. According to studies, people who have a satisfying personal relationship develop fewer illnesses and a good level of overall health. Poor relationships erase the happiness that retirement brings. Having loved ones around not only helps with escaping boredom but also adds years to life.

Take risks

As it cliché as it may sound, taking risks is always a way to keep a vibrant life. After pursuing all those hobbies for the first years of retirement, try something new and challenging. It is never too late to explore and experiment!

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Maintain active social networks

Most happy retirees are those who have robust social networks. It is hard to keep in touch with a handful of friends as the years go by. Joining new clubs or going out more often will surely lead to new friendships.

Secure finances

Always remember the three “buckets” that should be maintained during retirement: first, the essentials bucket which comprises the basic needs; secondly, the lifestyle bucket which covers the fun activities and hobbies to do during retirement; lastly, the nest egg bucket which may come in handy for emergency situations.

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Why The Golden Years Are The Best Time To Travel

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I am often asked by my fellow retirees whether we’ve already reached our prime. By this, they often mean whether activities such as dating or traveling is something we should no longer think of. I suppose to a certain degree we’ve earned the privilege of rest and relaxation, but I have found that my age has provided deeper meaning to experiences, particularly in the area of traveling. Most traveling blogs are started by the young, with the constant that traveling should be done before a certain age. The idea is that traveling shapes the way a person sees the world; the younger this process starts, the better-rounded and grounded that person is.

One cannot argue with this logic though I am adamant that traveling is such a beautiful and life-changing activity that it should be (and is) not limited to age. In fact, I would even be so bold as to say that it enhances the experience. Being older, being at that age where you are called “golden” is the best time to travel. Here’s why: knowledge and wisdom color the world with compassion. Whereas each experience is new and fresh when young, seeing these places knowing something about the world makes everything seem different. It will sound corny, and I am positive that many younger people will not understand, but age redefines moments. A lake may mean calm and serenity for the young artist, but this body of water may represent happier times with someone special to someone more experienced.

The truth is, traveling should be tried regardless of age. It has just been my own experience that has led me to believe that the activity is better enhanced with a little bit of knowledge. The world is beautiful, and age has allowed me to fully feel that.

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