Living Like The “Golden Girls”

It is possible to live life as if you are in a sitcom. As for me, Maybelle, and two other friends, we have realized that living in one house as if we’re the Golden Girls definitely made things more convenient. Now that most of us in the house are in our 70’s, it’s good to know that we still have people we can connect with.

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The housemate situation is not as tough because we’re no longer “trying to adult” as my nieces and nephews would say. We’re so past that phase now that we’re in retirement. Even if the four of us at home are reaping the benefits of working for so many years, we realized that even with the occasional backaches and maintenance meds, we are able to take care of ourselves. However, if there’s an emergency, we are always there for each other.

At times when there could have been tension, we would discuss it calmly especially when it comes to forgotten chores or unpaid bills. Even if we’re old enough to be responsible, some things just slip our minds. Then again, that’s why we have each other. Every once in a while we act as counselors, fitness trainers, assistants, and nurses for our housemates.

Knowing that the people you share a home with are forgiving and kind makes all the difference. We’re no Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia, but I could say that our home life is good enough.

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Tracy Luttrell here. I am a septuagenarian who enjoys keeping her mind and body active. If you see me, I’m usually with my cousin and best friend Maybelle. Find out more about me on this page.

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