Why Are Slot Machines Addictive?

I like going to casinos, but I hate it when people stereotype people like me as gambling addicts. While gambling can be a good way to just veer off from the stress of our everyday lives, it can cause harm to those who have a hard time controlling themselves once they get in the “gaming zone.”

ac-coin-slots-closeup-by-apjpg-06e4fe488c1a51c2Image source: blog.cleaveland.com

A lot of people say that the slot machine is the least thing that can hurt a person who loves gambling. But little do they know that the slot machine is not much different from a black hole. Many researches on compulsive gambling focus on the biological, psychological, moral, and emotional problems of gambling addicts, but they disregard the fact that it’s not just the person’s fault.

Modern slot machines usually feature video screens with buttons. These devices generate ¾ of legalized gambling revenue. These bring in twice as much money as all the other games combined.

casino-slot-machine-one-euro-jetton-coin-easy-spin-money-betting-gaming-B7806CImage source: alamy.com

People’s addiction to modern slots has something to do with the gamer’s wish to spend a moment alone. They do not worry about competition or excitement, but they focus on their personal gains. It’s easy for them to get lost in time and space because they do not think about who they’re playing with or what they’re playing for.

Industry leaders have designed bigger, better slot machines that will bring a huge influence to a customer’s behavior through technology or user design. They are building mousetraps that will give them more and leave the players with less money. It’s not solely the player’s fault for indulging. The machine definitely has something to do with the addiction, too.

Lady Luck Tracy Luttrell here. Know more about gambling and my life as a golden girl when you visit this blog.

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