Why The Golden Years Are The Best Time To Travel

Image source: s1.favin.com

Image source: s1.favin.com

I am often asked by my fellow retirees whether we’ve already reached our prime. By this, they often mean whether activities such as dating or traveling is something we should no longer think of. I suppose to a certain degree we’ve earned the privilege of rest and relaxation, but I have found that my age has provided deeper meaning to experiences, particularly in the area of traveling. Most traveling blogs are started by the young, with the constant that traveling should be done before a certain age. The idea is that traveling shapes the way a person sees the world; the younger this process starts, the better-rounded and grounded that person is.

One cannot argue with this logic though I am adamant that traveling is such a beautiful and life-changing activity that it should be (and is) not limited to age. In fact, I would even be so bold as to say that it enhances the experience. Being older, being at that age where you are called “golden” is the best time to travel. Here’s why: knowledge and wisdom color the world with compassion. Whereas each experience is new and fresh when young, seeing these places knowing something about the world makes everything seem different. It will sound corny, and I am positive that many younger people will not understand, but age redefines moments. A lake may mean calm and serenity for the young artist, but this body of water may represent happier times with someone special to someone more experienced.

The truth is, traveling should be tried regardless of age. It has just been my own experience that has led me to believe that the activity is better enhanced with a little bit of knowledge. The world is beautiful, and age has allowed me to fully feel that.

People may say that being over 70 is old, but I say I am just beginning. My name is Tracy Luttrell and I am more than just my age. Learn more about me on Facebook.

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