‘Run’ the world: The Four Most Exciting Marathons in the Planet

Marathons are fun; they have always been. They’re exhausting, certainly. But when you run with delightful obstacles and other unique features of the race, the fatigue easily translates to enjoyment. Below are some of the most unusual fun runs in the world that might just get you interested in joining one:

Marathon du Medoc (Pauillac, France)
In this marathon, runners explore the charming French countryside on a loop course through vineyards with thousands of drinking buddies (dressed in hilarious costumes). A quirky race, it features acrobats, all-you-can-eat oysters, cheese, and ice cream!

tigerImage source: marathontours.com

Antarctic Ice Marathon (Union Glacier, Antarctica)
In the Polar regions, marathons are almost non-existent. But at the Union Glacier, running is actually a serious event. The Antarctic Ice Marathon features men and women running in the the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent in the planet. The extreme adventure over the solid yet serene ice course capitalizes on camaraderie as its core value.

Maratona di Roma (Rome, Italy)
Ever wanted to roam around one of the most historic cities in the world for “free” and with plenty of buddies? Maratona di Roma will make travel books about Rome a little useless as this race will involve almost all major attractions of the city in the course. The tour includes stretches along the Tiber River, through charming piazzas, over cobblestone streets, and famous sights like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Pyramid of Cestius.

antarcticImage source: galwaycitymarathon.com

I am Tracy Luttrell, a marathon enthusiast, fitness buff, and adventure seeker. I am also fond of biopics, with “The Spirit of St. Louis” as my all-time favorite. Let’s talk more on Twitter.

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