Casinos and Health: the Relationship Between the Two

Much has (and can) be said about visiting a casino and gambling. There are many articles on the effects – both good and bad – of gambling on a person’s health. For my part, I often find these articles to be hackneyed and rather simplistic. Too many of these supposed researches emphasize the negative impact casinos have across all populations. I do not think that there is an equal amount of data or articles for both sides. As an elderly casino enthusiast and avid slot-player, I found it necessary to really research on the topic and understand if there truly is a relationship between casinos and health.

Moderation is Key When it Comes to Gambling Image Source:

Moderation is Key When it Comes to Gambling
Image Source:

In my reading of several researches, an excessive amount of gambling can lead to adverse effects; the most common being gambling addiction. However, I feel that I must stress the word “excessive”. As with anything, moderation is key. I believe it helps to consider gambling and casino-venturing as a tool; neither good nor bad and as powerful only as the one who wields it. If a person, regardless of age, decides to remove himself or herself from society in favor of gambling, then that is not healthy and the situation merits intervention. On the other hand, a healthy balance of fun and work can be a powerful de-stressor and can actually improve or strengthen a person’s mental state.

Does Gambling Affect Your Health? Image Source:

Does Gambling Affect Your Health?
Image Source:

I do not need to emphasize the importance of decluttering the mind. I often hear of younger individuals complaining about their work and subconsciously taking it out on their partner or children. So many psychological studies show that work-life balance is essential in any successful adult. The way a person de-stresses may vary, but what is important is the ability to release tension. Casinos and gambling may be considered as an option.

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