The old and the restless: Are casinos the new hangouts for the elderly?

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I suppose there will come a time when one has to accept one’s age. This becomes more challenging when the label of “senior citizen” is applied to you. Still, there are benefits of being older; experience and wisdom the least of them. For me, I find that age has allowed me certain luxuries in life, and by luxuries, I do not suggest the material things. I refer to the ability to knowing what is essential and disregarding the petty. “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” I’d say to my family members.

Living in St. Louis, I am surrounded by like-minded elderly folks. We’d often gather at our favorite casino and have a great time playing cards and working the slot machine. It was during one of these occasions that I overheard opinions stating that casinos were becoming the new hangouts for the old. It didn’t seem that way to me. To be sure, perhaps casinos didn’t seem like the usual get-together place for people aged 55 and older, but times have and always will change.


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I began researching on this phenomenon and found out that, indeed, more elderly people were seeking solace in their local casinos. The reason being that they do not have anyone to talk with at their home and are often bored in their community. This, according to the articles I read, has caused an upsurge in more elderly people visiting casinos and spending hours on end playing the slot machine or cards.

Regardless, there are a lot of people who say this is the exception rather than the norm. As I’ve mentioned earlier, when one reaches a certain age, one understands what is valuable. It may not seem like it to some, but being part of a crowd- or of something- is important, and casinos do help in this aspect. While I cannot answer for the entire elderly population, I think that casinos (as long as they are visited in moderation) can be an acceptable hangout for the supposed “old and restless.”

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Know more about being an active casino-going senior citizen by visiting this Tracy Luttrell’s LinkedIn page.

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